Giant Pamphlet 11, 2020

Giant Pamphlet 11, 2020

Anotherland, Pamphlets of Me
New Exhibition
June 26 – July 5, 2020
Marcel van der Vlugt Studio, Amsterdam
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Anotherbox. New Special Edition

Anotherbox, 2020

Anotherbox, 2020




Anotherland. New works

In another land where the breeze and the
Trees and flowers were blue
I stood and held your hand
And the grass grew high and the feathers floated by

Bill Wyman
The Geyser Forest, 2020

The Geyser Forest, 2020



Anotherland.The Transcripts
New Daily Post

July 3, 2020

Spiritual Meaning in a Time of Turmoil and Uncertainty.’




Creatie magazine. March 2009

In March 2009 I was honored to be the guest editor of the Dutch magazine Creatie.
My theme was: Change, crisis, and the anti-theme, a collage. Here are two spreads from the Crisis and Change sections.

Creatie March 2009 - Crisis - Richard Avedon

Creatie March 2009 – Crisis – Richard Avedon

Creatie March, 2009 - Change - Intro

Creatie March, 2009 – Change – Intro



De wereld in 2020  New cover and portraits
#hashtag #forecast #warning

FD Special. De wereld in 2020. December 2019

De wereld in 2020/ The world in 2020  FD Magazine Special. 7 December 2019.

The world in 2020. What the future will bring and why 2019 was the year of global protest. With historian and writer Eva Rovers.



Cloud Nine New project
#nostalgia  #postponed

Cloud 1511286639, 2015

Cloud 1511286639, 2015

High in the sky, closer to heaven, I’m on cloud nine



Self-portrait with model LS8/Maria Rootstein

With Maria Rootstein, 2020

With Maria Rootstein, 2020

Long before the word selfie was even invented I made two souvenir Polaroids after each session, one for the model and one for my wall of fame.