For all information please contact:
Marcel van der Vlugt
Oude Looiersstraat 20
1016 VJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-20-6222869

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Ingrid Deuss
Ingrid Deuss Gallery
Provinciestraat 11
2018 Antwerp
Phone: +32-475-562283

Representation for film and tv:
Peter Zeven
Caramel Pictures
Jarmuiden 63
1045  AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-20-6116866

Please contact us via the above official e-mail address only. We don’t have a gmail nor hotmail account. We only post messages or requests on this website, Facebook or Instagram pages or on the websites of our official agents. All other messaging boards should be ignored. When in doubt please contact us via the above address.