Anotherland New works

The Splendour, 2016

The Splendour, 2008-2016

In another land where the breeze and the
Trees and flowers were blue
I stood and held your hand
And the grass grew high and the feathers floated by



A Day at The Beach New project on round Impossible instant images

Wijk aan Zee, March 16, 2017

Wijk aan zee, March 16, 2017

‘I am not here, I am at the beach’
. Observations on my frequent visits to the seaside, closer to home or on various field trips. The camera is vintage, the film is new and the image is round. The best thing is they are unique!



FD Persoonlijk magazine. New portraits of men with a mission.

Tim Voors, 2017

Tim Voors, 2017



Jong geleerd! An intimate eye. New group exhibition from the collection of Henri Swagemakers

Karin and Ingrid, 1999

Karin and Ingrid, 1999

Installation view Jong geleerd! An intimate eye exhibition, 2017

Installation view Jong geleerd! An Intimate Eye exhibition, 2017

Karin and Ingrid, 1999. Daughters of lawyer and art collector Henri Swagemakers in a group show at Centraal Museum, Utrecht with Elizabeth Peyton, Stephan Balkenhol, Vanessa Beecroft, Chris Ofili, Kiki Smith, Viktor & Rolf, and many others. January 27 – May 7, 2017.



LINDA magazine. New portraits for Anniversary Issue #150

Heleen van Royen, 2016

Heleen van Royen, 2016

Arie Boomsma, tv presenter with his brothers Klaas and Sytze, 2016

Arie Boomsma with his brothers Klaas and Sytze, 2016



Self-portrait with model and actress Liz Snoijink

With Liz Snoijink, 2017

With Liz Snoijink, 2017

Long before the word ‘selfie’ was even invented I made two Polaroids after each session, one for the model and one for my wall of fame. Now with Impossible film and (sometimes) a black frame